About Us

Evndev is an IT development company working to develop dynamic and complex websites and helping businesses have their products in online world. Our young and professional team is working with trendy and modern technologies. Our development services include development from scratch and on the basis of ready solutions(CMSs) via adjusting to your business. Team is also experienced in CMSs installation/adjustment, plugins development and theme creation.

Agile Approach

In our daily work teams are using Scrum framework. With scrum framework teams are working with short circles(sprints) to provide new features or corrections frequently, and collect feedback from clients. It speeds up the delivery of new products and new features. This framework gives us opportunity to focus on improvement of collaboration and daily communication between team members. As a result of using scrum we get reduced cost of production, periodic feedback and final satisfied customer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise and grow businesses of our customers in online environment via contemporary  designs and high-quality solutions.

We are working to build a culture  for our teams based on experience and professionalism of our senior team members. We give opportunity to our employees to work in trustful and recognized  atmosphere.